Video of the Grow Bristol Feeder Road pilot - a three year project that demonstrated our smart urban farming model.



Following a combined four years of active research, development and trading, Grow Bristol CIC is moving into its next stage. We’ve completed our mission to demonstrate the potential for CEA to play a central role in the sustainable food networks of the UK’s cities, today and in the future.

Our pilot project was an example of a first generation indoor vertical farm, using hydroponics and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technologies. It was possibly the very first of its kind in the UK. Between 2015-2018, we produced around 100 kg of nutrient-dense leafy greens every single month, without the use of pesticides and with minimal impact on the environment.

During our operational period, we produced over 3 tonnes of highly-nutritious salad, across 60 different varieties, which we delivered in less than 7 hours from farm to fork. Oh, and we did it all on an electric trike. Over the last four years, we covered 1,942 miles on the trike, the equivalent of a round-trip to Rome. Our approach to zero-emission food distribution is one that we will take forward as we continue the business.

We are proud to have worked with some of the best chefs and sustainable grocers in the South-West, and are thrilled to have provided training for over 50 interns and volunteers. Additionally, we were awarded Best Local Grower at the Bristol Food Awards in 2016, recognised as Bristol and Bath Environmental Entrepreneur of the Year, were Winner of the Green Contributor Award at the Bristol Lifestyle Awards, and have been extensively covered in the local and national press.

We would like to say a big thank you for all of the support we have received so far - there are too many people to mention here, but you know who you are.

This chapter has now come to a close.

A new one has just begun.

We’re glad you’re here for the future.



Our team


Dermot O'Regan

Founder & Managing Director

Dermot had a 10-year professional background in environmental policy and management before establishing Grow Bristol in 2014. He was recognised as ‘Environmental Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the Bristol & Bath Environmental Awards 2016.


Oscar Davidson

Operations Director

Oscar previously worked as an environment and sustainability consultant within the built environment. He has 6 years’ experience in the vertical farming sector, including 2 years managing the UK’s first commercial scale vertical aquaponic urban farm.


Krish Nursimooloo

Marketing Director

Krishan brings 8 years’ experience in creative management, media strategy and programmatic advertising. He has managed the communications for various London-based food and sustainability projects: EatMe, BioModd and The Gaia Gallery.


Rosa ter Kuile

Creative Director

Rosa’s work embraces colour, form, humour and fun. Before taking up a creative role leading on Grow Bristol’s branding and visual language, Rosa headed up the delivery team, clocking up many miles on the Grow Bristol delivery trike, come rain or shine!


Sassy Weasel

Head of Site Security and Company Wellbeing

Sassy has been guarding urban agriculture facilities since she was 5 months old, you could say it’s all she’s ever known. Hobbies include eating treats, belly rubs, barking at planes and taking regular naps. If you don’t know the password – you’re not getting in.